SmartVent Positive systems are available with either our intelligent SmartVent Evolve control system that uses unique temperature and humidity sensors, or our Digital Keypad with dual temperature sensors.

SmartVent Positive uses the sensor readings to determine the required ventilation level and air source (optional) to reduce condensation – for better air quality and comfort in your home.

SmartVent Positive – Digital Keypad  uses a temperature sensor located in your main living area and references a second temperature sensor in the ceiling to manage your ventilation system.

SmartVent Positive – EVOLVE is the only Positive Pressure system that incorporates both temperature and humidity sensors. Using five sensors, placed in and around the home, our smart system determines the ventilation level and best air source required to reduce condensation based on the quality of the available air. A wireless android tablet is included.

SmartVent EVOLVE is the only ventilation system available in NZ that has features recommended by EECA and Beacon Pathways research:

Beacon Pathway research has found that for best moisture reduction performance look for a system that considers both temperature and humidity of the supply air and inside the house to control the system.


SmartVent Synergy Evolve

Synergy is a completely balanced energy recovery ventilation system perfect for new homes. Synergy extracts stale, damp air from inside your home and brings in fresher, drier air simultaneously, using the recovered energy to temper the incoming air.
SmartVent Synergy Evolve combines the benefits of energy recovery with our unique temperature & humidity sensor control. An optional wireless android tablet is available to purchase separately.

Why Choose SmartVent?

SmartVent’s range of clever upgrades options include;
Heat Transfer: utilise your excess heat by transferring it from your lounge or heat source room, and distributing it to other rooms in your home.
PTC Room Heater: 1.6kW PTC Room Heater self regulating heating technology which adapts to your space only using the required amount of power.

Tempering Heater: 1kW or 2kW element in line heater designed to temper the incoming air.
Summer Feature: For continued ventilation in warmer months, especially when ceiling space temperature exceeds that of the outside air.

All home ventilation systems require fans, filters, duct & diffusers to introduce air into the home. SmartVent offers superior quality insulated and acoustic ducting, to reduce air transfer noise and retain air temperature.

5 year warranty
SmartVent uses medical grade F7 filters to capture dust, pollen and mould spores. Hepa & Carbon filters options available.